Candidate Services

Why use Z&A Recruiting?

Whether an active candidate, passive candidate, or professional just wanting to understand the current market, it is difficult to readily gain that information, especially in a confidential manner.

We know of opportunities that might not be available through other sources and job boards. We are also aware of our clients’ hiring forecasts and what is coming within the next quarter or even year. We partner with you through the process to explore the market and opportunities. We are not here to “sell” you into any particular position. We are long term driven and work with you to find the next role that not only fits your skill set, but also provides a fit from the culture perspective and meets your long term career goals. We spend time on all the important pieces, not just a job description.

Some examples of questions:

We address the questions of what are the “have to haves”? What are the “nice to haves”? What is the Company culture? What is the department culture? Why is this role open – new or backfill? What is the career path? Where is the Company going? And the answers to so many other questions not typically listed on a job description. That knowledge sharing of all the details is important in the process.

We can assist you in preparing your resume, preparing for the interview, getting detailed and helpful feedback from the interview, and remaining a part of the process throughout. Also at the offer stage, we assist you with understanding the details of the offer, counter offers, and understanding other benefits. We will also assist with the process of accepting/declining, and getting cleared to start your new role; as well as the resignation process.

The Process

Resume: The first step, and an important one is preparing your resume. (Please see our resources section for addiotnal details). We will work directly with you on this important part of the process. We will meet with you at your convenience either at our office or at a location that’s convenient for you. This meeting is not an interview. It is a great opportunity to explore how we can be of help, whether in your search or just your desire to understand the market. We will go into details about your skill set, why you are looking, cultures, your management skills, your strengths, passions for your area of your work, long term goals, industries of interest and disinterest, size of companies, if a preference.

Submittal: We will never submit you to a Client without first discussing the Company and making sure that it aligns with the important factors from our meeting. We are able to speak directly with the decision makers about you, your experience, and your goals. We let you know when we have done that and an estimated time table for response and next steps.

Interview process: At this stage, an interview is scheduled for a date and time that works for you at the Company. We will provide you written information summarizing the Company, where you will be interviewing, and other pertinent information for that day. We will also provide you an interview schedule of names/titles of who you will be meeting with that day. Please make sure and get business cards when you met with each person so that you can send thank you notes in a timely manner.

Feedback – Candidate and Client: After you have completed the interview, we ask that you call us with your feedback. Its is very imprtant to hear your thoughts on the interview(s), and be able to disucss the details. We will also speak with the Client to get their feedback and thoughts on the interview and next steps. We will contact you to discuss that information with you.

Offer: When both the Client and the Candidate believe there is a match, an offer will be extended to you. We will continue to work with you through this process as well to make sure both parties are aligned on the details of the offer.