Relocation Information

Job relocation is no doubt an exciting career venture. In order to adapt to the new circumstances that come with job relocation, there are several things you will need to consider before you move

Before beginning to interview in another city, consider the impact of the move. Is it a good time for your family? If you own a home, will you be able to sell it right now? Are in committed to a employment agreement that has a repayment clause for a previous move or bonus?

Before you move, consider the following points:

  • Cost of living. Consider questions such as: What are the cost of living differences like in general? Is there a state tax? Are there significant property tax differences? What is the housing market like?
  • Culture. Understand the local culture of that area and how it fits for you professionally and personally.
  • Family considerations. If pertinent, ensure that the new location would provide you with good public and/or private schools. Make sure there are other fun activities, aside from school, you can do with your family in your spare time. Seek input from anyone you might know already living in that city.
  • Relocation Package . Prior to the initial interview, gain an understanding of any potential employers’ relocation assistance, and what that entails. It is acceptable to be asking this question upfront.

Job relocation is a big decision. No doubt you spend plenty of time making the right decision and evaluate each step cautiously. The following sites can be of help in providing additional information when considering the move to another market.

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