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With a Screening Process that Delivers High Quality Candidates Based on Experience, Career Goals, and Your Culture
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What is the Cost of a Bad Hire?

Finding the right candidate for a job is difficult, time consuming work. The tendency of many companies to make swift hiring decisions from narrow pools of talent can lead to bigger problems.


Team members may get frustrated by having to cover for a co-worker’s lack of ability.



The wrong hire can lead to mistakes and departures that are costly to correct.


An underperforming hire can stifle growth in a department or for the company as a whole.



A negative presence on a team can erode or destroy your company’s culture.

We Understand Your Challenges and We Can Help

We’re well established in this market and have a long history of identifying and placing the most talented candidates. We can make sure that you only meet with the best of the best.

As a boutique firm, we provide highly personalized service to you and your team.

We're an independent voice that helps you constructively evaluate all hiring options.

We seek long-term placements to deliver the most value to you and your company.

We immerse ourselves in your culture to help you avoid candidates that would not be a fit.

Our long-term business relationships speak for themselves. We deliver results for our clients.

We love what we do! We're passionate about helping great people find new opportunities.

Here’s How Our Process Works

We approach working together as the start of a great relationship. We won’t send you exceptional candidates until we deeply understand how your company works and what makes it so special.

Step 1



Meet to Discuss Needs and Goals

We work with you to truly understand the position, its challenges, and the opportunities available in the market. This includes the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications needed for each position and the culture and sub-cultures within the organization.

Step 2



We Present Resumes of Vetted Candidates

Once we deeply understand your needs we use our expertise to vet highly qualified candidates. This process involves a thorough review of their skills, needs, and goals. When we’ve found a good match, those candidates will be presented to you for interview consideration.



Get Feedback from You and the Candidate

Following each interview with our candidates, we’ll connect to get your feedback. We’ll also contact the candidate to get their perspective and see how closely everyone is aligned. If you’d like to continue the process, we’ll assist with the preparation and execution of those meetings.



Decline or Extend Offer to the Candidate

If you’re in favor of our candidate, you may extend an official offer. We’ll help deliver that message and facilitate the remainder of the hiring process. If you decide not to hire one of our candidates, we’ll also handle that communication and conclude the process.

Our Promise to You


Deep Understanding of Your Company and Goals

We become experts on your needs


High Quality, Experienced Candidates

We source exceptional candidates


One Point of Contact for Your Company

We build personal relationships


Contingency Fee Structure for Placements

We earn when our candidate accepts

What Does Success Look Like?

We strive for long lasting win-win relationships.

Your Company's Success

Your company wins by adding a talented new member to the team. You’ll be receiving measurable value from the employee for years to come.

The Candidate's Success

The candidate wins when they’re happy in their new job. They’ve found a role within your company that aligns with their career goals and cultural preferences.

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Our Leadership Team

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